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Read this important letter now to get all the details on how you can be among the first to tap into this rapidly growing trend that's making people crazy money!

If you're on Facebook for more than 5 minutes, you've seen people sharing cute, interesting, or intriguing pictures, stories, and videos like this:


You can form your own opinion of the brilliance - or stupidity - of the content, but do you have any idea of how much traffic Facebook activity drives to these "new media" sites like BuzzFeed?


BuzzFeed gets 195,000,000 unique visitors per month which makes it the No. 9 most visited site in the U.S. according to Quantcast.


BuzzFeed will make over $100,000,000 this year. That's why venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz recently invested $50,000,000 in BuzzFeed and valued the company at $850,000,000.

So how stupid do you think that content is now?

What's the No. 1 source of traffic for BuzzFeed? The company reports that 75% of their traffic comes from social sites like Facebook.

Of course, that makes perfect sense when you see the Facebook sharing stats that NewsWhip collated for October 2014:


It's pretty clear that BuzzFeed is getting massive exposure and millions of visitors from Facebook for FREE!

Wouldn't you like to get some of the 1.3 billion monthly Facebook users to promote your site and send you traffic every month for free?


That's exactly what the founders of Upworthy thought when they launched a site similar to BuzzFeed... Everyone is on Facebook so let's use Facebook to get free traffic. Did it work?

In June 2013, Fast Company magazine called Upworthy "the fastest growing media site of all time."

Quantcast shows that Upworthy now has 28,200,000 unique visitors a month and ranks at No. 86 for the most visited sites in the U.S. And I'll only give you one, single, solitary guess as to the biggest source of traffic...

Facebook, of course, with an astounding 35% of traffic reports Alexa. (But you knew that by now, didn't you?)

But here's the very best part (you'll be totally shocked by this)...


These new media sites don't even worry about creating unique ideas or content. Remember, they're not focused on search engine rankings, but on social sharing. Although a nice byproduct of all those social shares is that these sites are well indexed and get search engine traffic anyway.

But they don't worry about original ideas because they don't want to waste time guessing what's going to go viral. They focus on what's already working.


They look for content (which means they spy on each other!) that is already getting shared and going viral so they know that whatever articles, images, or videos they use on their sites have a very high probability of getting shared by visitors... FOR FREE.

This explains why it's very common for you to see a story shared in your Facebook newsfeed and a couple days later... someone shares the same story from a different site because it's the first time she saw it. And then you see it again a couple of weeks later from someone else sharing another site.

As Daniel Mintz (Head of Data for Upworthy) said...

"There's an incorrect instinct to assume 'everybody's seen this, this was huge'. But the internet is a huge, huge place, and if a million people have seen something, or five million people have seen something, that's still a tiny, tiny fraction of the possible audience."

Obviously, BuzzFeed and Upworthy are getting millions and millions of visitors from Facebook for free and making a fortune doing this. BuzzFeed alone is making over $100,000,000 a year!


As you can probably tell, we've studied this viral social sharing extensively because we wanted to get in on the action and get our share of these millions of free visitors. We now know exactly how it works. And we bet you want to know, too!

Now, this is the part in most sales letters when you'd expect us to jack you around and refuse to tell you the secrets unless you give us $50,000,000. Screw that. We're going to be 100% transparent and give you all the steps to make this work. (Be sure to take good notes.)







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