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WP Tube Tracker

WP Tube Tracker 2014-12-19

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This is the video marketing WordPress Plugin that is going to change your video marketing forever.…
  • Instant Automatic Ranking Updates- Know exactly where your video sits in Google and YouTube so that you can maximize profits!
  • 2 Click Data Tracking – Saving you the hours of time that doing this manually would take!
  • Historical Rank Tracking- Know exactly what SEO is working! Use this to cut out bad SEO tactics and increase your profits substantially!
  • Customer Reporting – We’ve given you the ability to download your results into CSVs. This has huge potential for selling SEO tracking services to customers/clients!
  • Accurate Results -We retrieve our search metrics directly from Google/YouTube to prevent inaccurate and buggy results like some other services out there. You can rely on our data.
  • Email Notifications - We provide functionality to have notifications sent to your email address whenever a video reaches a criteria.

Watch This Live Demo To Uncover The Power of WP Tube Tracker:

If you decided to continue manually checking all your video rankings, it would easily cost you an extra $500 per week in time.

But do you really want to spend your precious time doing that when you could be making money?

You could even try to get something similar to WP Tube Tracker V2 created yourself, but you’d be paying $897…at best.

Due to the insane value, I will be raising the price of Wp Tube Tracker V2 to $67 pretty soon when I change my mind

But you won’t pay that.

Because I want you to take your video marketing to the next level, and because I want to collect more testimonials of just how awesome WP Tube Tracker is…I’m going to give this to you at the insanely low price listed below:

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Стоимость - 27$
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