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Youtube Domination

Youtube Domination

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YouTube Domination General Features:
  • Bypass API - Acts Like A Browser User
  • Fully Multi-Threaded
  • Multi-Account Management
  • HTTP Proxy Compatible - User/Pass Authentication & IP Authentication
  • Link Proxies To Accounts / Load Proxies Seperately / Reload Proxies From URL
  • Built In Proxy Checker
  • Spintax Compatible - For Use With Commenter & Other Features
  • Built In Spintax Checker
  • Full Process Logging
  • Cookie Usage
  • Automatic Updates & Update Checking

YouTube Domination Main Features:
  • Account Checker - By Logging In / Check By Profile Page
  • Channel Subscriber
  • Video Liker - Keyword Search Or ID Entry Modes
  • Video Commenter - Keyword Search & Popular Video Commenter
  • Information Generator - Logs Into Each Of Your Accounts & Retrieves Their Subscriber & Video Views Data
  • Mass Promoter - Video Liker/Disliker, Comment Liker/Disliker, Channel Subscriber, Commenter, Video Favouriter
  • Scheduling Abilities For: Liker, Channel Subscriber, Commenter
  • Proxy Tester
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