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ZSubmitter 2.5.3

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Create and Update Blog Network Automatically

With schedule feature, you can control how fast and how many accounts/post made every day,week or month, so you will get a growing web2.0 network without babysitting. Image how profitable to own high quality private networks with just clicks to get it started and leave it.

The software has a number of automatic features, including but not limit:

  • Tier creation and link-building
  • Link-wheel creation
  • Proxy scraper and verifier
  • Content generation: using the article image and video scraper and mixer(stop support)
  • Account registration and posting using the in-built scheduler, so you can control how many posts per day per account and how many accounts per site per day and much more.
  • Post verification and re-verification, so you can check if your links are stick, dofollow or changed.
  • Activation of Web 2.0 email(s)
  • Alerts for low captcha balance or no working proxy so there's no need to keep check everything repeatedly
  • Import email from global email pool so there 's no need to add email to every project manually
  • Check and track your web site's ranking(not support yet)
  • Index and/or ping after verification of your post(s)(not support yet)
  • Create a full statistical report and email on schedule
  • And much, much more

100 Blog Supported, New Engines Added Daily.
Clean and powerful engine/mod system allowing you to easily add nearly any site/platform into the software.

Currently, it support only 100 web2.0, range from PR4 to PR8. Most are context links. New web2.0 sites will be added weekly even daily so that you have 100+ Web2.0.



Success Rate
Because web2.0 natural, you will not get 100% success rate. For the best result, the Web 2.0 engines are updated daily. It is also important to better success rate how you register and post. Here is some tips.


100% Socket, Speedy and Reliable
Robustly designed software architecture means we can easily support many new sites.
It can even reboot itself on schedule or auto boot itself in the event of a crash.
It even can reboot PC on schedule and resume automatically.
There's no need for you to babysit the software.

We will not stop here, Platform like drupal, phpbb is also on to do list.
Create Modify And Manage Tons Of Projects Easily
Projects management has never been easier with the Project Modifier.
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