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Дистанционный центр по исследованию защитного ПО.


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    HTTP Query Tool - Multiple hits to a host...

    This program has embed the jQuery library and uses a JavaScript bug to call the host multiple times. Download: (HTTP Query Tool) Note: The link above is good to download for mobile devices. Don't forget to install Chrome or Brave Browser...
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    Brave Browser + HTTP Trace Capture (Read all HTTP Get and Post requests)

    Start by installing Brave Browser and then install the extension. Click in the HTTP Trace Capture and type your URL Address in the new about:blank at <"HTTP Trace Capture" is debugging this browser> (Now any inter-exchange in the site will be registered). Download: Brave Browser...
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    Hacxx Denial of Service - A continuous HTTP DDOS tool

    Hacxx Denial of Service was developed because the original tool "HTTP Query Tool" had a limitation. The limitation was that running in a continuous way will make the system slow down and the browser will hang up. This new version called "Hacxx Denial of Service" fixes the limitation of continuos...
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    http: site?

    athing wrong with the site , http goes offline ??:(