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Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter 3.50

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Atomic Email Extractor
Advanced, fast email extraction within the Internet

  • Search on a website
  • Search by keywords
  • Country identification
  • Mailbox plugin to extract emails from mail account
  • Craigslist plugin to extract emails from


Atomic Email Extractor – harvest email addresses from websites
Collect qualitative and relevant contacts, and personalize your mailing lists. Create highly targeted contact lists!


  • Automatic email extraction from any site on the Internet
  • Extraction of contact addresses from your email account using theMailbox plugin
  • Identification of the country of the address owner using email address domain and location of extraction
  • Email address search on webpages that require a login and password
Fast email collection from websites

Email extraction from a specified website
If you have already chosen a site and want to extract email addresses from it, enter its URL-address, and the program will collect all of the email addresses available on the site.

You can also retrieve addresses from pages that require a login and password.

Search for email addresses using keywords
The program searches for sites that match specified keywords, and extracts email addresses from these sites. This allows you to reach your target audience if you do not have a list of relevant sites to search for email addresses.

Search for emails on a website by keywords
Enter the web address and a keyword by which to conduct a search. The program will find all pages of the website that have the keyword. Email addresses will be extracted from these pages. The search can be limited to specific countries.

Mailbox plugin
The Mailbox plugin is used to search for email addresses in your email account. The program scans all messages in the mailbox and retrieves the addresses of those people whom you have corresponded with, as well as email addresses mentioned in text messages.

Craigslist plugin New!
The Craigslist plugin is developed to extract email addresses The email address extraction process will run according to your chosen keyword. You can also select the categories that you are interested in searching.

Detection of country of origin New!
The program can guess what country an email address owner lives in, using the:

  • domain (if, for example, a person has a mailbox ending in, there is a high probability that he is from Russia)
  • webpage from which the email address was extracted (for example, if the email address was found on a page ending in .dk, the owner is likely to be from Denmark)

LinkedIn plugin New!
This plugin is developed to extract email addresses from the social network LinkedIn. All you need to obtain the necessary addressesis to select the keyword, region and category.

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