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Blue Sky Plan® is Windows computer software intended for 3D virtual surgical implant placement, giving clinicians a more accurate way to treat patients. Blue Sky Plan® is precise and can help the clinician determine the ideal position for implant placement for the best esthetic and functional results. Blue Sky Plan® can be used for diagnostic purposes and can aid in the fabrication of surgical guides for computer-guided surgery.
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Blue Sky Plan converts a Computer Tomography (CT) or Cone Beam Computer Tomography scan into a format that allows the dentist to assess the anatomic topography of the maxilla and mandible as well as the location of important structures. The patient’s CT or CBCT images will be stored in DICOM format from an Imaging Center. The software converts these images and makes it possible to view the patient’s anatomic structures. These data can be used for accurate pre-surgical treatment planning.

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BlueSkyPlan Exports Explained

Blue Sky Plan gifts 2 free exports to each new user and 6 free exports to dental students.

Blue Sky Plan can be downloaded at no cost and can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. There are no upgrade fees or annual fees. All software updates (several each year) are released at no charge.

CT Scans and imported models can be edited and exported to a STL file at no charge.

Improvements in version 4.12 of Blue Sky Plan include:

  • Completely Automatic CT Teeth and Bone Segmentation Watch Video
  • 3D In Office Aligner Situation with Patient’s Face Watch Video
  • Automatic Teeth Intrusion / Extrusion Alignment Watch Video
  • Adding Text and Markers to Software Screenshots Watch Video
  • Denture Duplication for a 2 Piece Denture Watch Video
  • Denture Duplication for a 1 Piece Denture (2 Color Printer) Watch Video
  • Setting Denture Teeth in 5 Easy Steps Watch Video

Hardware requirements
Minimum requirements:
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• Processor: Quad Core Intel i7 or comparable
• RAM: 16 GB
• Video card: NVidia, AMD or Intel, 2 GB of video RAM, OpenGL 3.3 supported (e.g.
NVidia GeForce GTX 1050, GeForce 940MX, AMD Radeon RX 530, Radeon R5 M420, Radeon
Pro 450 or comparable)
• Screen res.: at least 1440 X 900
• Hard Disk: 5 GB of free space
Operating system
Minimum requirements:
• Windows 10 Home/Professional 64 bit
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