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Facebook Friend Adder

Facebook Friend Adder 1.0

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Welcome to FacebookFriendAdder. Internet marketers are experiencing a gold rush of web 3.0 FREE advertising to highly targeted leads on the fastest growing social network "Facebook". In order to succeed in facebook marketing, people always need tools and information. The ability to get a professional facebook marketing tool, you will be able to achieve success earlier.

Currently we have the automation tool: Facebook FriendAdder. The elite automation tool to run your Facebook campaigns. With Facebook FriendAdder, you can send mass friend requests, mass messages to friends, double click to login accounts in inner browser and bypass roadblocks from facebook. Our software has the features available to allow you to place your marketing efforts on autopilot.

Don't miss the chance to get in touch with over 750 million people in the most effective method. We offer 3 times free trials for you to test it first. Make sure to download them to have a try today!
Main Features in Facebook FriendAdder


Manage Accounts
Manage Accounts is able to manage unlimited facebook accounts, sort accounts by campaigns, log in accounts with program inner browser with cookies, show all stats of accounts in the window, and proceed security check autmatically.

Manage Proxies
Manage Proxies is used to manage many proxies, assign proxies to accounts automatically, search random public proxies, check proxies which are available or not, and reuse proxies which have been used. It supports http, socks4 and sock5.


Check Account Information
Check Account Information is used to check your accounts' information which you can see in the Manage Accounts feature. You can learn more about your account, such as its proxy, friend's number or campaign. According to Check Account Information feature, it's easier for you to manage your accounts.

Bypass Login Problems
Bypass Login Problems will help you bypass the login problems. It's a powerful feature to get over the problems when the accounts login failed. And it can print the message in the console to show you what the matter is if the problems can't be passed by the program.


Add Online Friends
Add Online Friends is not limited to add friends who are online as the literally meaning. It is to add friends who are actively involved in facebook. It gives users easily access to add friends from group, page, other friends and some niche people.


Message Online Friends
Message Online Friends involves sending messages to group members, page fans, other friends, account friends and targeted friends who are actively involved in facebook. It can drive direct traffic to your site much effectively.


Remove Sent Requests
Remove Sent Request plays a critical role in the maintenance of accounts safety in terms of its capability to remove pending friend request to ensure the relative higher friend acceptance rate. Besides, it could unfriend with connected friends, unlike pages, leave groups as well.


Confirm Received Requests
Confirm Received Request is coded to take response to the received friend request, suggested page/group/event/application and received private messages. It is designed to either accept or ignore these requests.

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