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Keyword Xtreme

Keyword Xtreme

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KeywordXtreme 4 adds over a dozen powerful NEW features. In short, Kx4 is the ONLY keyword tool you'll need to find HUGE numbers of low competition, long tail keywords.


KeywordXtreme 4 solves the problems that plague many other keyword tools...

Kx4 lets you discover THOUSANDS of long tail keywords in a matter of a few clicks...

Gone are the days of having to endure tedious and time-consuming scraping and sorting procedures because of your "old" keyword tool'slimited capabilities.

Kx4 pulls keyword data from 13 different data sources -- for super-low competition...

It's simple... if everyone pulls their data from the same source, the competition is going to get FIERCE. But, with over a dozen data sources, those worries are a thing of the past.

Kx4 collect keywords from each source's "auto complete" database -- for optimal results...

Auto complete keywords are PRIME keywords. Why is that the case? Because they are keywords that are being ACTIVELY searched for by REAL USERS.

Kx4 has a POWERFUL "wildcard" feature that lets you find SUPER-TARGETED keywords...

As you'll see in the examples below, the wildcard feature opens the door to a wide variety of uses and opportunites... IT'S AMAZING.

Kx4 is easy, intuitive, and FAST...

In fact, it's so simple that you might not even need the detailed video training I provide.

Kx4 is incredibly flexible...

You can search for keywords in 70 countries and languages.

Kx4 is deceptively simple, amazingly powerful, and lightning fast -- it's an affiliate marketer's DREAM COME TRUE. You'll absolutely love it.


It seems like almost EVERY software program "claims" to be easy to use -- but KeywordXtreme 4 REALLY IS.

In version 4, everything has been streamlined. Each of the 3 modules (Brainstorm, Research, and Analyze) have their own tabbed section. You can instantly switch between modules with a single click.

Plus, each module offers powerful -- and highly INTUITIVE -- options that require only simple text box input and a couple of mouse clicks.

Within minutes, you'll be up, running, and finding profitable keywords!

Below are screen shot of each of the modules:



Find out what people are buying right now, using product brainstorm tools, or what information they are looking for currently from trends.
Find more realted keywords to your seed keyword.



Find niche markets that your competitors don't even know exist. Generate 1000s of article ideas with question based keywords.
Find long tail keywords with virtually no competition that you can rank for without doing any SEO.



Get your keywords search volume & cost per click values. Check Android Market competition data if you are a mobile app developer.
Determine if your keywords are too competitive to rank using 5 competition datas.
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