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Pin Blaster

Pin Blaster 2.40

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Today the developers of PinBlaster did an update to the first and best pinterest automation program. The current version is 2.40. Bellow you can find the changes and additions that were made to the program. Enjoy:
PinBlaster 2.40
  • You can now scrape (in Pin Actions) from pitnerest source link
  • Fixed some issues with unblocking multiple accounts (with pop3)
  • When checking proxies, we added an option to “not deassociate proxies for account if they are invalid”
  • Added option to clear log
  • When checking proxies, it will only check the selected proxies (if you have at least 1 proxy selected) or all proxies (if you have no proxy selected in the list)
  • When scraping pins, sometimes an extra text was added to the end of the description “check out more at…”. This is fixed now
Exclusive only
  • Added the option to remove pin category (so when posting to your blog, it will use the blog category and not the pin category)
  • When posting to blog, if you have a category set on your pin, it will create a blog category matching the category of the pin and upload there (instead of using the default blog category you specify)
  • Minor other improvements
Pin Blaster is Back!!!

Although some people acted fast and grabbed a copy of Pinblaster bot I am in the difficult position to inform you all that this program is Sold Out for some time now.

The developers said that it might become available again on the market. Lots of people use the program successfuly to make money with Pinterest… well the others have to wait for now!

Stay tuned and try to grab it next time it goes live guys! Its really worth it!

I was one of the lucky people that had an early access to this fantastic new software called Pin Blaster. Pin Blaster is made from some people with tons of experience on their backs in internet marketing software.

We are talking about the creators of the very successful products like CPA Blaster, Mass Video Blaster and Video Marketing Blaster (-affiliate links with special discounts). These products still help people make loads of cash from internet marketing and are a definite must-buy if you want to succeed the easy way. Also these products still work and still have full support (something that is missing from this industry a lot…).

Let us talk now about Pin Blaster a new and exciting product.

The setup and the first run of Pin Blaster are as easy as it gets and as expected in 2012. The first real look you have on the product gives you a good feeling overall. As a designer myself I can understand that this is happening because its all pretty simple and well laid out.

Not too many buttons, windows and graphics. Only the required things to make everything work good and speedy. Also another thing I noticed is the speed of Pin Blaster. It opens and runs as quick as it gets (a problem often met with IM software and bots).


But what exactly does Pin Blaster do?
To understand what exactly Pin Blaster does, you have to work on it. You cannot imagine the possibilities this program gives. And if you want to / or if you are already making money online then you clearly know that when you are the first to use something you have the best chance to make tons of cash.

Pinterest is still in open beta phase and already millions of people use it daily! NOW is your chance to enter in this game and make money with pinterest as well. More on that bellow…

On the first tab of Pin Blaster you can see that you can input your Pinterest accounts and let different proxies handle each account. If you are still new in Internet Marketing and you don’t understand what proxies are for don’t worry. Just go over to this site and copy some free ones (free proxies are not so stable but they can do the job), Free web proxy lists. Of course if you want to make all things right then you should buy some private proxies on the site I mentioned before you can find some of the best providers as well.

What Accounts & Proxies tab in Pin Blaster does is actually giving the program access to your pinterest accounts.


User Actions Tab [Pin Blaster
The next module/tab in Pin Blaster is called User Actions,

this module takes the users you have imported in the previous tab and tells them to “Get Social!”. It follows other pinterest users. Simple as that! In social media you know (if you don’t, learn it) that if you don’t have people following you, you can’t promote anything at all. And what is the best way to get followers? Start following (well unless you are a celebrity…).

Followers are the people that will be the traffic to your Pins, and the ones that will make you money. Pin Blaster has all the options that you will need for that. First and foremost!

If you want to promote iPhones and you start following people in the Cosmetics category then you probably have thought something wrong!
The first rule to increase conversions is to get targeted traffic.

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